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For Students

Student users of cvMail UK gain FREE access to a variety of exclusive benefits. cvMail UK has been designed to save you time when applying to UK & International law firms for Training Contracts and Vacation Work.

The cvMail UK website also features detailed information about each law firm on the service. Indeed, with the depth of firm sourced information available, all your pre-application research can be done in the one place.

Post-application, you can manage all your correspondence in the one place. You'll never need worry about lost or misdirected e-mails again. Also, for selected firms, select your preferred interview times online.

The Benefits of cvMail UK:

  • Apply to UK & International law firms
  • Enter your personal or education details once only
  • Access detailed information about firms on cvMail UK
  • All e-mails from firms stored in the one place
  • Organise interviews online (for selected firms)

With cvMail UK compatible sites, applying to local and international law firms is simpler than ever before! Indeed, you will never have to enter your personal or education details twice, saving you a great deal of time & trouble!

Applying to each firm will be as simple as logging in with your cvMail UK account on the firm's site, or right here on